In second grade, students become independent thinkers and confident problem solvers. The classroom environment and second grade activities provide the necessary tools to learn, 成长, 并且彼此合作, 还有爱, 护理, 尊重自己和他人. In second grade we continue the Superkids Reading Program including an introduction to the writing process and exposure to different literature genres. Students are introduced to more complex math concepts, story problems and vocabulary. Service learning is an important emphasis of second grade that allows them to look outside of themselves and connect with the world around them. The greatest highlight of second grade is our sacramental program where we welcome all to participate in 第一次和解和第一次圣餐.



  • 语言艺术

    The main focus objectives in second grade reading are comprehension and fluency. 包括可视化在内的学习技巧, 识别重要事件和细节, 做出推论, 质疑, 强调信息的综合. The students continue to apply phonics in their reading (decoding) and writing (encoding). 孩子们提高了他们的阅读能力, 扩充他们的词汇量, and construct spelling strategies through daily reading in a variety of genres, 包含多种文化视角的文学作品. 日常写作包括个人日记和故事, 诗歌, 报告, 信, and responses to reading where they hone their capitalization and punctuation skills. Students learn the importance of editing and proofreading skills, which are taught and practiced to develop independence and to emphasize the writing process. Students are encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions during cooperative learning activities and class discussions, 当他们成为积极的听众和参与式学习者.

  • 数学

    The math program presents students with a 平衡d combination of procedure and understanding. Students continue to acquire unique strategies to build on four critical areas: extending understanding of base-ten notation, 用加法和减法建立流畅性, 使用标准度量单位, 描述和分析形状. 在更深的层次上参与数学概念, students participate in problem-based interactive learning with visuals that illustrate concepts and enhance understanding. The major objective is to provide students with mathematical reasoning that enables them to transfer what they learn and solve real-world problems. Technology continues to provide students with active opportunities to expand numerous mathematical concepts. Second grade students gain habits of mind that enable them to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

  • 社会研究

    Community and relationships are essential 主题 throughout the year as students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of similarities and differences and the interdependence of people. Students delve into the roles and responsibilities of people living in a community through the study of family heritage and culture. 学生们积极地探索他们的课堂, 学校, 社区, and local community to enhance their study of the regions and land formations of the United States. In the “Farm to Table” unit, students learn about the government. They will examine the role of the President and other national government officials, 联邦政府的三个分支机构, 以及城市和州的领导人. 二年级rs continue to explore the lives of people who have made significant differences in the world, 他们祖先的故事, 以及历史上的杰出人物. They learn to use map keys and symbols, and the importance of caring for the environment. 领域的研究, 实地考察, 演讲嘉宾, and unique service projects increase the students’ awareness of the needs in their community. In an interdisciplinary unit combining reading and social studies, students participate in the “Read Across America” challenge where they will participate in hands-on activities designed to teach them about national landmarks and characteristics of several states.

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  • 科学

    Second graders connect with science in innovative ways that heightens their curiosity, 扩展他们的知识, and ignites their passion to learn more about the amazing world in which they live.



    材料 & 属性


  • 宗教

    Second grade religion lessons extend the understanding of God as the creator of all things, particularly human beings whom he asks to 护理 for all creation. 课程还扩展了七件圣事. Students learn that the sacraments are holy signs of God’s love that celebrate Jesus’ presence among his people.

    This year we concentrate on developing a special understanding and prepare the children for two important sacraments, 第一次和解和第一次圣餐. 学生们阅读和学习寓言, 或圣经故事, 比如《亚洲十大网上博彩》, 好撒玛利亚人, and The Good Shepherd and how they relate to the sacraments and their own lives. Students learn to make good and loving choices to strengthen their friendship with God and others. They learn how to ask for forgiveness and how to be forgiving people. They recite the Act of Contrition as they learn that God is full of mercy.  Second graders learn about the parts of the Mass as they participate, 为......准备, and lead the liturgical celebrations in this important year in their faith journey. 

    为第一次圣餐做准备, 学生学习圣周和最后的晚餐的细节, and they participate with their families in an Agape celebration and attend a second grade religious retreat. As they 为......准备 and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, students gain a deeper sense of the Mayfield community and their role in it. Students develop an understanding of the importance of service to the greater community and those less fortunate by applying what they have learned in Reach Out activities and in their daily prayer presentations. 最后, all second graders create an online book to chronicle and reflect on their second grade faith journey.

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  • 艺术

    艺术 History continues to weave through the second grade art curriculum. Students express their understanding of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" through swirls, 破折号, and dots of pastels and paint and study Picasso's cubism portrait using pastels and tempera paint. They design a triptych panel altarpiece with images of the Nativity for Christmas in the style of Van Eyck and use crayon and watercolor in Monet style waterlilies. Creating a  clay cross is a highlight for the second graders in their Sacramental year. Another second grade tradition is drawing art for the Mayfield Christmas card. The 学校 year ends with an art project that celebrates a beloved second grade character, 大象埃尔默. 让大象埃尔默活过来, students sketch and paint checkerboard with colorful tempera paint that they then collage on a pastel background to create a bright and joyful piece of art.
  • 戏剧:运用我们的想象力

    Students use problem-solving skills to create their own stories. They learn theatre games and techniques to learn to speak loudly and clearly, 发挥他们的想象力, 团队合作. Students have the opportunity to work with older students for the 二年级 mass. Second graders are able to apply their theatrical skill set and perform 玩s for a public audience. Students learn how to watch 玩s with a critical eye and reflect on the story elements of a piece.
  • 音乐

    Students learn how to control their breathing given the appropriate musical context. 阅读和记录简单的节奏模式(第八, 季度, 半音符和休止音)被强化.

    视唱练耳(Do, Re, Mi等.) is introduced to students as they learn to read and notate simple melodies. 学生们提高了单唱的能力, 在二重唱, or with an ensemble in formal and informal settings with accuracy in an appropriate range and with correct pitch. 他们学习如何即兴创作旋律, 主题, and variations and how to sing sacred literature for 学校-wide performances including Masses, 服务, 和第一次圣餐. Students learn songs that they perform from memory during their First Communion Sacrament, 万圣节展示, 以及一年一度的圣诞节目.
  • 西班牙语

    在这个活跃的,以学生为中心的语言课程, students continue to learn 西班牙语 three times a week for 20 minutes. Students are fully engaged in the language learning experience as they continue to sing, 玩, 并开始用西班牙语创作自己的小品.
  • 技术/计算机科学

    The second-grade Education Technology sequence is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to navigate and utilize technology in today's digital age. 通过参与活动, 实践项目, 互动学习体验, 学生将发展基本的技术技能, 数字素养, 负责任的数字公民.
  • 体育课

    二年级的体育课, students will thrive as they continue to build upon their physical abilities and explore new skills. 这将包括注重加强协调, 平衡, and overall fitness as well as building towards learning team sports. The curriculum will also emphasize the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, as students collaborate and support each other to achieve success in their games and activities.

    With a variety of structured games and opportunities for creative 玩, second grade students will be empowered to take risks and try new things, 同时建立自信和身体技能. 到今年年底, they will have a positive and whole child approach to physical fitness and be eager to continue 成长ing in their abilities.
  • 图书馆

    Second graders are exposed to new concepts and continue to reinforce and build on their library skills. They read increasingly complex material and a wide representation of grade level appropriate text, 包括古典文学和当代文学, 期刊, 在线信息, 以及信息文本. Second graders become familiar with types of everyday print and non-print materials and identify these materials using academic vocabulary. Students can identify parts of a book such as the table of contents, index, glossary and dedication. They are familiar with the procedures for borrowing materials from the 学校 library and caring for library resources, 包括技术设备. Students locate age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction materials in the library. They draw meaning from illustrations, photographs, diagrams, charts, graphs, maps, and captions. 学生识别和使用非小说文本结构, 例如主要思想和支持细节, 因果关系, 比较与对比, 和测序. They recognize the need for information by identifying a simple problem, developing questions that define the scope of the investigation and connect to the topic. Students organize prior knowledge and identify other sources that may provide an answer. They understand the concept of key words and perform a simple keyword search using an approved search engine or database. The library reinforces and builds upon computer skills learned in technology class. Students access online library material and adhere to the acceptable use policy as they learn to access educational databases, 图书馆目录, 文学网站, 为班级进行基础研究.